JSB Blender

Q-Pumps has an efficient equipment for mixing powders and liquids with excellent performance due to its innovative design and pumping capacity.
• Easy installation and operation
• High efficiency and reduction in processing time
• Elimination of the need to use expensive liquid-ring or positive displacement pumps to move the product
• Available for all sanitary applications for its high CIP capacity
• Front feed seal to facilitate maintenance
• Competitive price
• Compliance with European (EHEDG) and American (3A) standards.

Thanks to the multi-blade impeller with suction inductor, the JSB Blender has a cutting velocity that prevents the formation of clots and blockages of powder at the mouth of the cone.


Ideal for mixtures, emulsions and dissolutions, reaching volumetric flows of up to 350gpm. A few of the most common applications are:
• Hydration of powdered milk
• Preparation of syrups
• Dissolution of sugar
• Preparation of beverages and pulps
• Blending of dressings and sauces
• Production of puddings and ice creams
Practically all applications in which any type of powder is added to a liquid mixture, in a quick, effective, and consistent manner.

Reference Data

Caudal: 440gpm

Presión: 8bar / 115psi

Viscosidad: 3,000cps

Temperatura: -10 a 150ºC