SP Series

Q-PUMPS offers a liquid-ring pump, with a turbine-type impeller made from 316L stainless steel, in compliance with 3A standards. Its single and double mechanical seal comes with a wave spring, allowing for reversibility. Ideal for feeding and discharge applications for the same equipment.

The SP Series pump is 100% interchangeable and compatible with the Fristam FZX series both hydraulically and dimensionally.

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SP Series pumps are ideal for aerated products (without cavitation) due to the design of its turbine-type impeller and its tight tolerance levels of separation between casing, impeller, and front cover, which never surpass 0.008 inches.

Ideal for CIP return applications. It can operate with fluids having a viscosity of up to 3000 cps and has a suction capacity of 20ft.

CIP Return
• Tanks and containers
• Total solution evacuation during the CIP cycle
• Residual water elimination from the containers and tubing
• Reduction of the quantity of water and cleaning chemicals and elimination of the need for residue suction

Transfer of aerated products
• Ice cream mixture with 17% air
• Chocolate syrup (international mixture)
• Injection of yeast along the must line

Soft transfer of products
• Whole eggs
• Transfer of yeast
• Yogurt mixture

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Reference Data

Caudal: 200gpm

Presión: 190ft

Viscosidad: 3,000cps

Temperatura: 120 ºC