QTS Series

Q-Pumps´most recent creation in positive displacement.

-100% Stainless Steel, wet parts made of SS 316L
-virtually pulse-free
-100% CIP running at high speeds
-Even when running at high pressures, there is no rotor/rotor/body contact
-Ideal to be used as process pump as well as a CIP pump reducing costs
-in additional equipment and timing
-Product timing
-Low NPSH requirement thanks to its high suction capacity
-Low and high viscosity products (from 1 - 1,000,000 cP)
-Products with up to 60% entrained air
-Ideal for handling abrasive products
-Totally drainable
-Close clearances for vaccum capability
-Meets EHEDG standards and 3-A Certificated (Certification number 1805)
-Single and double mechanical seal
-Easily converted from a single seal to a double seal
-All models come double seal ready
-Seals are capable of handling a vacuum of 28” of Hg


QTS Selector

Reference Data

Caudal: 1,230 GPM / 4,6

Presión: 693 ft / 211 m

Viscosidad: 1 a 1,000,000 c

Temperatura: Máx. 130º C / 2