LC/LD/LF Series

The LC/LD/LF Series pumps are manufactured in compliance with all 3A standards. These pumps are highly efficient because of its minimum internal tolerance levels, offering special product handling, in addition to the fact that these pumps require a lower NPSH than the conventional centrifugal pump. All of the wet parts of the pump are made from cast and forged 316L stainless steel, in order to obtain a larger mass and a design that is more solid and resistant to hydraulic impacts and cavitation, in addition to its quiet operation. Owing to the seal’s internal design, the pump can sustain high suction pressures of up to 120psi.

They are hydraulically and dimensionally compatible and interchangeable with Fristam’s FPX, FP and FPR lines, over which we offer a few significant advantages through our standard models:
• 304 stainless steel adapter for direct coupling to the motor included
• Silicon Carbide mechanical seal, a material which is superior to Chrome Oxide
• Improved delivery times and price.

*To see Q-PUMPS’ compatibility and interchangeability with other brands, visit the “Cross Reference” section on the home menu.


The LC/LD/LF Series is a highly efficient pump used for product lines, filler systems, separators, homogenizers, heat exchangers, evaporators, and many other types of equipment.

This series handles liquids having a viscosity of up to 1200cps, from lighter products such as purified water and juices, to slightly heavier liquids like fruit pulp and syrups.

LC Pump: for normal pumping conditions
LD Pump: for heavier conditions (double seal)
LF Pump: for front loading seal