ZL Series

The ZL Lobular pumps for viscous products comply with American and European standards (EHEDG and 3A, respectively) for the food and pharmaceutical industries. ZL Series equipment include rotating positive displacement pumps, that, thanks to their great versatility, can be adjusted for specific applications, depending on the nature of the product to be pumped.

• Front access allows for quick cleaning and reduced shut-down time
• Includes 4 different types of seals for each application and the standard material is Tungsten Carbide
• Can be supplied with heating jackets for housing and front cover
• The geometric design of the Bi-wing rotor offers high performance, however, depending on the application, you can also use Single-wing, Tri-lobe, Multi-lobe or Helical rotors.
• Connection options: Clamp (standard), male ISO, SMS, Bevel Seat, DIN and Flange


The success of Q-PUMPS lobular pumps is thanks to its excellent performance in a large range of sanitary applications; however, its primary application is the transport of viscous products, and clients have the certainty of being working with a 100% CIP pump.

From low to high viscous fluids —up to 1,000,000cps— all viscosity levels can be processed, with a suction capacity of up to 4mts, flows of 100m3/hr and loads of up to 250mts of water column.

The most common applications are:
• Chocolate
• Syrup
• Cream
• Gel
• Honey
• Dressing
• Sauces

Reference Data

Caudal: hasta 441 GPM

Presión: 20 bar / 300psi

Viscosidad: 1,000,000 cps

Temperatura: 120ºC