ZP1/ZP2/ZP3 Series

The ZP Series circumferential piston pumps consistently provide low vibrations and good mass balance – and are specifically designed for performance excellence and extremely tight tolerances.

Versatile enough to fit the most demanding sanitary application, Q-Pumps' offers 36 ZP models with 12 companion models featuring a variety of rectangular flange configurations.

The full line of Q-Pumps' ZP positive displacement pumps have been developed to accomplish customer application needs as their first objective. Each model includes features that translate to value, efficiency, and longevity.

If one of our nearly 50 circumferential piston pump options does not fit your specific sanitary application, put our fully staffed R&D lab to work on tailoring a pump for your specific configuration.


Q-PUMPS’ circumferential piston pumps are designed to cover all hygienic pumping applications within the food, dairy product, soft drink, pharmaceutical, and other industries. There is a wide range of applications owing to the drastic reduction of internal tolerance levels, from light products, such as water, to highly viscous products, such as tooth paste (from low to high viscous fluids, up to 1,000,000cps). Depending on the model, these pumps can withstand pressures from 200 to a maximum of 450psi.